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Dr. John Barkodar is a board-certified physician specializing all aspects of family medicine, including well child visits and urgent care for the residents of South Gate, California as well as the rest of the greater Los Angeles area.

Family Medicine Q & A

by John Barkodar, MD

What Does a Family Medicine Physician Treat?

Family medicine is a specialty which provides healthcare to a patient throughout their lives, not just at a particular age or due to a specific condition. Family physicians offer an array of services to address a patient’s chronic, acute, and preventative medical health needs. In addition to diagnosing and addressing disease and medical issues, they also offer comprehensive general care such as annual checkups, health-risk evaluations, immunizations and screening tests, and tailored counseling on healthy lifestyle maintenance. A practice that focuses on family medicine offers many generalized healthcare programs, including:

  • Pediatric medicine - Pediatric medicine involves the care of children and preteens. This can include chronic ear infections, chicken pox, etc. Pediatric medicine also includes regular wellness checks and any other health issues a child may face.
  • Immunizations - A family practice offers immunizations for people of all ages, starting at just a few months to adulthood.
  • Preventative healthcare - Preventative health care involves various types of testing including, mammograms, prostate exams, colonoscopies, etc.
  • Geriatrics - As people age, their body changes leading to a variety of health issues including digestive issues, chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, and loss of coordination. They may also be at higher risk for certain types of cancer.

Do Family Medicine Doctors Have Specialized Functions?

One of the most important responsibilities of a family doctor is the coordination of medical care. The family doctor makes referrals to specialists but continues to coordinate care and oversee all medical care activities. Family doctors provide what is called a patient medical home. They get copies of records from specialists and incorporate the specialists' recommendation into day-to-day care. They also ensure that things don't get overlooked when the responsibility for care is shared among several physicians.

Does Family Medicine Include Primary Care?

Yes, Annual checkups with the family doctor are an integral aspect of family medicine. These appointments are crucial to developing long-term relationships with the doctor because regular checkups are the best way to monitor any changes in your health.


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