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Dr. John Barkodar is a board-certified family doctor who provides physical exams to the residents of Los Angeles, South Gate, and many other neighborhoods and communities.

Physical Exams Q & A

by John Barkodar, MD

What Does a Doctor Look for During a Physical Exam?

During an annual physical exam, doctors will look for any changes in the patient's health that may indicate the potential for more dangerous medical issues. Blood pressure readings, blood glucose checks, breathing patterns, and reflexes are all reviewed to screen for any medical conditions not yet presenting obvious symptoms. If a doctor does notice an irregularity in the blood pressure, for example, he may order additional tests to confirm what he believes may be going on. Or, he may ask the patient to come back into the office in three to six months to have the tests taken again. If the results are the same, more tests will probably be ordered to uncover the cause.

How Often Should a Person Receive a Physical?

Most doctors recommend getting a physical every one to two years, depending on a person's general health and their family's medical history. Some jobs require a person to get a physical every year. A person who drives commercial vehicles is required by law to pass a CDL physical every year to maintain their driving privileges. Patients who are recovering from a major illness, accident, or have been diagnosed with a long-term, chronic illness may need to be seen every three to six months depending on the severity of their condition. Every patient is different and will handle their illnesses in their own way. Many can function quite well in taking care of themselves, while others need to be closely monitored.

What is the Purpose of a Sports Physical?

A sports physical is used to determine whether or not a student is in good enough health to participate in a strenuous sport. The doctor will closely evaluate their heart, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, as well as their overall physical condition. Doctors will look for any health condition that can be triggered by an injury or strenuous physical activity. Children who have a history of asthma or severe allergies will be closely watched as to how their body responds during periods of heavy exertion. The doctor will also check their physical reflexes to determine how structurally healthy they are as well.


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