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Dr. John Barkodar serves the residents of the greater Los Angeles area, including the South Gate community. The doctor specializes in all aspects of pregnancy and pediatric care, including pregnancy tests and well child visits.

Pregnancy Tests Q & A

by John Barkodar, MD

How Soon Will a Pregnancy Test Show Positive?

Professional pregnancy tests conducted at a doctor’s office via a blood draw can confirm a pregnancy within a day or so after a missed period. While over-the-counter pregnancy tests have a good track record for being accurate, tests given at the doctor's office are more reliable and may be able to show a true positive much sooner than an over-the-counter test. If a patient needs to know as soon as possible, they can go to their OB/GYN or family doctor and have a pregnancy test taken. They will have the results before they leave the office. Most doctors will recommend the patient wait until a few days after the first day of the missed period to guarantee accuracy.

Are Over-the-Counter Tests Accurate?

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests are extremely accurate. In most cases, if they are taken after the first month, they are just as accurate as those used at the doctor's office. Because over-the-counter tests use a urine sample instead of a blood sample, it may take a few days after the woman's first missed period to provide a true and accurate reading. If there is any doubt, two tests can be used. Once a woman has received a positive test from an over-the-counter kit, the next step is to go to the doctor for confirmation and to begin prenatal care.

What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

One of the first signs a woman may experience when she becomes pregnant is fatigue. Other common  early signs of a pregnancy include a change in food preferences, food sensitivity, and morning sickness. Foods that normally were well-liked prior to the pregnancy may cause intense nausea and vomiting once a woman conceives. She may also notice other hormonal changes such as a change in temperature, mood changes, and breast swelling. As the pregnancy progresses, her hands and feet may begin to swell slightly. She may also experience mild headaches and symptoms that are often associated with hormonal imbalances.


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