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Dr. John Barkodar is a board-certified family doctor specializing in all aspects of pediatric care including well child visits and vaccinations. The doctor serves the South Gate community as well as other Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Well Child Visits Q & A

by John Barkodar, MD

What Happens During a Well Child Visit?

During a well-child visit, the young patient is thoroughly checked from head to toe to determine that they are physically meeting growth markers that have been established by medical professionals. These growth and development markers are based on the national average of other children of the same age. The doctor will also give the child vaccinations according to a schedule that has been developed to help keep children protected from many different deadly illnesses. The doctor will talk to the parents and address any concerns they may have about how their child is developing and any changes that need to be made to the child's diet.

How Often Are Well Child Visits Scheduled?

After the first month, well child visits are normally scheduled for every two to three months up until the age of 2 years. Another checkup will be performed at two and a half years. After the age of three, well child visits are scheduled once a year. The frequency of the visits during the first 2 years is due to how quickly the child grows during that period and the rate at which their motor functions develop. Making sure each marker is met is incredibly important to ensure the child grows as they should. When milestones are missed, doctors will perform tests to uncover why. If the cause is found early enough, the situation may be able to be corrected.

Are Vaccinations Given Every Time?

Vaccinations are not given every time. If a child is sick or misses an appointment, the vaccination schedule will be adjusted so the child remains up-to-date on all of the vaccinations they need. A specific number of vaccinations must be received prior to the child's first year of school. While vaccinations are important, checking the child for developmental markers often will take precedence to ensure the child is growing normally for their age. During the child's first visit to the doctor, the parents will be provided a card with all of the noted vaccinations and when they are to be received. As long as all of the appointments are made, the child will remain on course with their vaccination schedule.


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